Mysterious musical project from Belarus. The brainchild of Maxim (Струп). This edition contains two albums. Here, experiments are intertwined with a drum machine, field recordings, old tapes, piano and other sinking in general haze of sultry atmosphere. In fact the author painted a fairy tale, his fictional world jumping out of our reality, the reality of the author, his memory and experiences.
Old toys come to life and tell their stories, and where there are heroes and villains.

2 x pro-CDR, green envelope A5 + 3 glossy colored inserts. 20 handnumbered copies.
artwork and design: Vitaly Maklakov

Released on Ostroga as OTR-028

price: 15$ (including postage)



Mynoda — Night Bathing (Voluntary Whores) [VOWHO004]


Our debut release on German experimental tape label with very limited runs.

This «red glittering» C50-tape comes in a limitation of 70 copies — 21x21cm art cover and a beautiful

Released by: Voluntary Whores
Release/catalogue number: VOWHO004
Release date: Feb 1, 2013

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